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Coconut genetic resources for enhanced livelihoods
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Tropgene Database

by Administrator - 29 Mar 2023 3209 Views 0 Comment

TropGeneDB is an information system initially developed by CIRAD (French agricultural research for development) to manage various kinds of data on tropical and Mediterranean plants, including the coconut palm.

To access TropgenDB click here.

It is a Web application based on MySQL databases (one per crop) that can be queried using Java customizable interfaces automatically generated to fit the databases contents. TropGeneDB can record crop information on:

- molecular markers, QTLs, genetic and physical maps

- genetic diversity, association and linkage disequilibrium studies

- phenotypic diversity studies based on agro-morphological traits or traits measuring the susceptibility/resistance to aggression (diseases, salinity, drought)

- geographic origin, parentage, collection, ecology

Data on the following 10 crops are currently recorded in TropGeneDB: banana, cocoa, coconut, coffee, cotton, oil palm, rice, rubber tree, sorghum, sugarcane. Data on new plants (alfalfa, grapevine, tomato, millet and einkorn) will be soon added to the system.

All the data in TropGeneDB are public and have already been published in scientific papers. People wishing to submit data may download submission templates which consist of Microsoft Excel files. See instructions for filling in the templates which should then be sent to TropGeneDB. 

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