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19th COGENT SC meeting report: Bangkok, August 2018

photo 19thCOGENT SCMeetingThe Asian and Pacific Coconut Community (APCC)- since renamed the International Coconut Community
(ICC), and the Government of Thailand’s Department of Agriculture hosted a back-to-back COGENT meeting
following on from the APCC 48th COCOTECH meeting, on 25 and 26 August 2018 . It was convened to take
advantage of the presence of the many COGENT stakeholders attending the COCOTECH meeting. Forty-seven
delegates attended from 16 countries, representing 22 organisations and all COGENT regions.
The meeting outlined plans for COGENT to address the global coconut community’s needs for more effective
genetic resources conservation and use. Delegates formally launched the new Global Strategy for Conservation
and Use of Coconut Genetic Resources 2018-2028 (the Strategy). In response to the 18th SC meeting
recommendations delegates planned for: i) reviving COGENT’s International Thematic Action Groups (ITAGs)
that will guide strategy implementation, ii) auditing the International Coconut Genebanks’ (ICGs), iii)
implementing the above-referenced Strategy, and iv) progressing with the arrangements to transfer the
COGENT Secretariat from Bioversity International to the ICC.
The meeting addressed COGENT’s key funding and technical issues, considering strategies to ensure
efficiencies and effectiveness. Delegates highlighted the need for accessing quality planting material,
harnessing new genetics and tissue culture technologies and dynamizing the coconut value chain. ACIAR and DFAT are now considering providing more substantial support for the above activities. 

photo 18thCOGENT SCMeeting

18th COGENT SC Meeting Report

The Steering Committee of the International Coconut Genetic Resources Network (COGENT)  met with other international coconut stakeholders at the Tanoa International Hotel, Nadi, Fiji from the 31st October to 4th November 2017, to determine how best to sustain the conservation and use of coconut genetic diversity for the Asia-Pacific region and globally. The report is available, please click here. The workshop i) finalised and launched a new Global Strategy for Conservation and Use of Coconut Genetic Resources (the Strategy), particularly exploring how this relates to the Pacific region; ii) discussed measures to assure the technical and organizational underpinning for conservation and use of coconut genetic diversity in the Pacific and globally, and iii) considered how best  to address key biotic (pests and diseases) an threats to coconut diversity in the Pacific, as well as other regions. Achieveing these three objectives over the longer term were encapsulated in 10 steering committee recommendations:

  1. Interim coordination of COGENT
  2. New Hosting arrangement for COGENT Secretariat
  3. New COGENT Secretariat and Coordinator recruitment
  4. Global Coconut GR Conservation and Use Strategy Implementation (plus annex 4.1)
  5. Coconut Genebanks Audit
  6. Securing Coconut Genebanks’ land tenure for the long term
  7. Managing Key Biotic stresses threatening coconut
  8. Accessing Coconut Genomics Mapping Populations (in Côte d’Ivoire)
  9. Safe coconut germplasm exchange- via in vitro zygotic embryos
  10. Towards an upgraded Coconut Genetic Resources Database

17th COGENT SC Meeting Report

In conjunction with the Sri Lankan Coconut Research Institute (CRI, Dr Lalith Perera), Bioversity International organized the 17th Steering Committee Meeting of the International Coconut Genetic Resources Network (COGENT) from 13th to 16th July 2014, in Lunuwila, Sri Lanka. The meeting was funded by the CGIAR Research Programme on Forests, Trees and Agroforestry. As a key outcome of the meeting, the Steering Committee and participants from nine countries (Brazil, Côte d’Ivoire, France, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Papua New Guinea, Sri Lanka, Tanzania), including official COGENT representatives, have endorsed eight major international recommendations  to finalise and begin implementing the Global Strategy for the Conservation and Use of Coconut Genetic Resources, which spans the coming decade.


Organization of the 16th Steering Committee Meeting of the International Coconut Genetic Resources Network (COGENT), 8th to 10th July 2012, Cochin, India

16thcogentcommitteecoverIn 2012, the first COGENT Steering Committee (SC) meeting for 5 years was held in Cochin India. As key outcomes of the meeting, the SC and participants from 18 countries produced 10 international recommendations on coconut research, and endorsed proposed improvements to the organization and operating rules of the network. The objective of the recommendations was to define research priorities for the next 10 years. Recommendations cover most research fields linked to coconut genetic resources management, including ex situ and in situ conservation, collecting gaps, in vitro culture, genomics, breeding, some phytopathological aspects, communications and geographical strategy. Upgrading COGENT’s organization was initiated in 2012 by conducting two organisational assessments and two participative meetings. The composition and the role of the Steering Committee (SC) was modified in order both to increase its stability and to allow other member-countries to fully participate in decision-making. It was agreed to hold biennial COGENT SC meetings. Other innovations are the creation of seven permanent International Thematic Action Groups (ITAGs), and the possibility of making remote decisions using two distinct processes. International recommendations and efficient network organization are crucial tools for upgrading the Global Coconut Conservation Strategy, initially published in 2008, and which will be fully revised in 2013. The two limiting factors remaining for upgrading the strategy are expertise in detailed budgeting for conservation and in legal issues linked to conservation at international level.

Authors: R. Bourdeix, V. Johnson, S. Araujo de Lima
Publication Year: 2012
Pages: 57 p.
Language: English

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COGENT Coordinator's report 2008

Summary of Cogent Activities in 2008:

  1. Accomplishments: Conservation and Use of Coconut Genetic Resources
  2. COGENT: Steering Committee and COGENT Membership
  3. Bioversity: Changes in Bioversity and the CGIAR



The Coconut Genetic Resources Network (COGENT) aims to promote national, regional and global collaboration among coconut-producing countries and
partner institutions in the conservation and use of coconut genetic resources for enhanced livelihoods.

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