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Coconut genetic resources for enhanced livelihoods
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International Coconut Genebank for Latin America and the Carribean

by Administrator - 20 Jul 2024 4172 Views 0 Comment

Project title

International Coconut Genebank for Latin America and the Carribean

Project duration

Start Date: 8 June 2006 | End Date: 31 December 2011

Funding agency

Brazilian Government



Research Partners

Coordinating agency

Bioversity International

Project leader

Stephan Weise


Project document

 Terminal report (4.2MB) 

Project summary

Approximately 10 months after planting, leaves were collected from the three naturalized populations of coconut, which were collected on the coast of the northeastern region of Brazil, in order to extract the DNA.

After quantification, the DNA of the samples were submitted to amplification via PCR using RAPD-type primers. The data was analyzed and there is a schedule for transferring the accessions from the nursery to the planting area in August 2009. The embryos of the twelve introduced accessions are developing at the laboratory for plant tissue culture at Embrapa - Coastal Tablelands.

The in vitro behavior of the accessions has been quite variable within the several evaluated characteristics. The mean percentage of normal germination among the accessions was 18.11%. It was observed that an average of 22.7% of the embryos did not germinate. The occurrence of inoculated embryos showing a slow or abnormal germination process was 25.20%. A progression of the fungus contamination was not observed. However, the contamination by bacteria grew considerably from 15.30% (November/08) to 33.98% (February/09).

The maintenance of the germplasm bank was guaranteed by weeding, fertilization and pest control, through chemical pesticides and biological control, for the accessions of giant and dwarf coconut. The area was expanded, as well as the irrigation process for the new area designated to planting. The activities proposed by the work plan LOA APO/08/002 were carried out to satisfaction, fully implementing the work plan 2008.


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